PRS Guitars

Since 1985, Paul Reed Smith has built his brand's reputation on hand-made, custom-shop-style guitars. The company honours the heritage of the electric guitar, whilst constantly challenging the boundaries of the instrument with new and unique products. 

Paul got his start by hand-crafting his guitars and sneaking them backstage for touring musicians to try. On the back of Carlos Santana playing one of his instruments, Paul started to receive some recognition. Using his initial creations as prototypes, he drove up and down the East Coast of the U.S. until he could garner enough interest with dealers to launch the company.

Since then PRS have gone from strength to strength, developing not only new and recognisable guitar designs but also pick-ups, hardware and tremolo systems. Their name has become synonymous with quality materials and construction. From their use of highly-figured tops (10-top maple on selected instruments) to their iconic bird fingerboard inlays, everything about a PRS guitar speaks to a level of detail that makes for a very special guitar.