Aroma ARG05 5.8GHz Wireless Guitar System with Carry Case

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Forget messy cables, go wireless with the brand new Aroma ARG05 Wireless System. Sleek & compact, you'll never use cables again!

Operating on a 5.8Ghz transmission rather than the standard 2.4Ghz means this system delivers a pristine audio signal and is not subject to wifi interference.

• 5.8Ghz transmission means cleaner sound and less interference

• 4 Channel options (5.725-5.820Ghz)

• 20m Distance

• Low power consumption with longer work time between charges

• Connector adjustable at multi angles

• Suits all instruments with a 6.5mm output jack

• 5V USB dual recharge cable included

• Sports car exterior design!

• Includes carry case

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