Caline CP-31V Stereo Volume Pedal with Boost

Sale price$59.00


The Caline CP-31V is an always-on volume pedal with dual channels for stereo connections (though you can operate in single input mode as well). It is great for use with volume swells or to cut the signal in between songs. The slider on the left-hand side controls how much cut you want, all the way from 0 volume to just -30% cut. It even has a boost knob, so you can use it as a boost pedal, adding volume to your original signal! Can you feel the oomph?

Made of sturdy stuff, the footpad feels smooth and noiseless.

  • Always-on Volume Pedal
  • Smooth movement, no clicking or creaking
  • Volume Slider Control
  • Boost Control for extra volume
  • Solid Casing
  • Current Draw: 15mA
  • Uses Standard 9V Style Adapter (not included)

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