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ESI’s U22 XT cosMik Set, the all-in-one bundle ideal for musicians beginning their path into the world of home recording, has just got an upgrade.

Introducing the U22 Ultimate Bundle, exclusive to the Australian marketplace, which consists of the U22 XT cosMik Set in addition to a pair of studio-grade monitors – the ESI Aktiv 05. While similar bundles from other brands include studio monitors with coloured, distorted sound when pushed to even modest volume levels, the included Aktiv05 monitors provide superior bass with a frequency response reaching as low as 50Hz thanks to the 5″ low-frequency drivers and with proper independent cabinets with true bi-amplification. If you intend to produce music in genres where bass matters (such as modern-day Pop, EDM, Hip-Hop, Soul or R&B), these monitors won’t let you down.

The hallmarks of the U22 XT cosMik Set remain including the rock-solid U22 XT audio interface, the cosMik 10 condenser microphone and the powerful eXtra 10 headphones. Right out of the box, the bundle comes with the innovative Bitwig Studio 8-Track DAW software which you can later upgrade to the full version of Bitwig Studio 3.2 as required.

No matter if you’re into podcasting, want to record vocals, or if you need a starting point for a professional quality music studio in your home, the UX22 Ultimate bundle is exceptional value for money providing an ideal foundation on which to build your personal home studio at a minimal cost.


ESI’s Aktiv 05 monitor speakers provide extended low-frequency response thanks the 5″ Kevlar low-mid driver offering linear response at higher sound pressure levels compared with paper/polypropylene designs. Kevlar, the same material found in bullet-proof vests, maintains structural integrity when deformed – an attribute ideal for low-frequency drivers. The 1″ silk dome tweeter offers a smooth, detailed representation of the upper-frequency spectrum with minimal ear-fatigue.

Furthermore, this monitor has true bi-amplification with independent 30W amplifiers for both the low-frequency driver and the tweeter providing extended headroom and reducing colouration of the tweeter at higher volume levels. Also, a new crossover design has been employed, expertly tuned by ESI’s German engineering team, designed to minimise phase errors around the cross-over frequency.

Optionally, the low-frequency response of the system can be further extended with the addition of an active subwoofer such as ESI’s SW10K eXperience. Not only will you experience even deeper bass response, but you’ll also enjoy increased headroom and less mid-high colouration when monitoring at significant volumes.

Rear Panel
  • 2-way powered speaker / active studio monitor speaker
  • 5″ kevlar curved cone (magnetic shielding type) as LF driver
  • 1″ silk dome tweeter as HF driver
  • output power 60W (HF 30W, LF 30W), 85W AC consumption power
  • input connections: XLR/TRS 1/4″ combo connector, balanced/unbalanced input
  • input impedance: 23.3 kOhm balanced, 13.3 kOhm unbalanced
  • input sensitivity: 75mV@1Watt, 415mV@30Watt
  • frequency response: 50Hz – 20kHz
  • crossover frequency: 2.5 kHz
  • SPL: 88dB +/- 3dB
  • operating voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz, with 115V / 230V AC selection switch
  • standby function can be turned on and off (only models sold in certain countries)
  • dimensions: 250mm (H) x 176mm (W) x 200mm (D)
  • weight: 4.5kg



ESI’s cosMik 10 is a cardioid condenser microphone that can be universally used for vocals, acoustic guitars, in front of a guitar cabinet and much more.

Designed to always give dynamic professional studio quality results, cosMik 10 provides world-class sound to capture musical details, harmonics, and subtle nuances that get lost easily with many comparable microphones. Its low self-noise allows you to capture the whole dynamic range with exceptional detail, making this microphone the versatile solution for a variety of recording scenarios.

With its uniquely stylish and yet compact body is provided with a table stand, windshield shield foam and an XLR cable so that you can get started right away.


  • condenser studio microphone
  • cardioid polar pattern
  • special 1″ diaphragm size
  • 30Hz – 18kHz frequency response
  • > 132dB dynamic range
  • 135dB max. SPL
  • 100-ohm output impedance
  • 5dB self-noise (A-weighted)
  • requires +48V phantom power
  • XLR connector, cable included
  • table stand included
  • windshield foam included
  • weight: around 160g



ESI’s eXtra 10 headphones are lightweight and provide clear and accurate reproduction for monitoring purposes in the studio. Designed to adjust automatically to any head size and outfitted with extra durable and isolated ear pads, you will be surprised how comfortable they are especially for extended-length sessions.

Thanks to specially selected transducers offering a wide frequency response from 15Hz-29kHz, these headphones will reveal a detailed presentation of your mix across the audible frequency spectrum.

The included lightweight 2.5m cable will give you freedom of movement while tethered to your equipment.


  • dynamic studio-quality on-ear monitoring headphones
  • 50mm diameter neodymium drivers
  • impedance: 32ohm
  • sensitivity: 94dB SPL (1mW)
  • frequency response: 15Hz – 29kHz
  • max. power: 1200mW
  • cable length: 2.5m
  • 1/8″ plug with gold plated screw-on adapter to 1/4″



ESI’s U22 XT is a flexible, bus-powered USB device with pristine 24-bit sound quality supporting sample rates up to 96kHz with two analogue input and output channels.

Connectivity includes RCA line inputs, an XLR-jack combo input equipped with a microphone preamp and switchable 48V phantom power, a high-impedance instrument input for guitars/basses or dynamic mics, a high-quality headphone output and TRS balanced jack outputs.

Over-sized analogue master output and separate headphone volume controls are provided on the front panel complemented by a zero-latency mix monitoring control.

ESI’s German engineering team is committed to providing stable, low-latency drivers support with frequent updates. Driver support for Windows systems includes ASIO 2.0, MME, WDM and DirectSound including DirectWIRE. Driver installation is unnecessary for MacOS systems thanks to native CoreAudio support.


UX22 Front Panel


UX22 Rear Panel



  • Audio interface capable of 24bit playback/capture at sample rates up to 96 kHz.
  • 2 input / 2 output
  • microphone preamp with +48V phantom power support
  • Hi-Z instrument input with 1/4″ connector
  • bus-powered via USB
  • line input with RCA connectors
  • line output with balanced 1/4″ TRS connectors
  • headphone output with 1/4″ connector
  • ADC with 102dB(a) dynamic range
  • DAC with 108dB(a) dynamic range
  • input/output monitoring controlled on the front panel
  • master volume control on the front panel
  • supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 with ASIO 2.0, MME, WDM and DirectSound incl. DirectWIRE support
  • supports Mac OS X (10.7 and above) via the native CoreAudio USB audio driver from Apple (no driver install required)
  • supports many Linux distributions via the ALSA USB audio class support
  • dimensions roughly 17.5cm x 12.0cm x 4.5cm


* 2 x SM Pro Studio Grade 3m Oxygen Free guitar cables provided for quick setup between interface and speakers

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