ESP LTD NW-44 Neil Westfall Signature Eclipse Electric Guitar

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A Day To Remember’s founding guitarist and songwriter Neil Westfall has a simple formula — hard grooves and big hooks — but even that comes with strenuous technical demands when it comes to choosing an instrument. This signature instrument, the LTD Neil Westfall Signature NW-44 Electric Guitar from ESP, is endlessly refined to meet the rigorous demands of a sound like Neil’s without the distracting need for lots of hands-on tweaking and sculpting of tones. This guitar’s elegant features include an extended 24-fret fingerboard, a resonant maple/mahogany body build, and a 3-piece set-through neck design for more sustain and upper-fret access. But the undeniable highlight here is a lone Bare Knuckle pickup: the Aftermath. This devastating humbucker is hand-wound in the UK and outfitted with custom ceramic magnets for searing tone and premium clarity. The Aftermath’s tone scores a critical hit with metalcore connoisseurs — its pinpoint-accurate bass sensitivity is a must-have for breakdowns that look, feel, and sound professional — but with custom-tuned highs, mids, and lows, the Aftermath is perfect for any heavy music lover who yearns for a glimpse of clarity within the high-gain storms.

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