Laney Foundry Series Lionheart 2x12" 60-Watt Guitar Amplifier

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We started with a question “What if you could distill all that raw tube tone and dynamism into affordable, portable analogue designs packed with great tones and useful features?”

Would it be possible to create combo that sound as inspiring as their tube-derived family members?

The answer - Yes! Please welcome the LIONHEART Foundry Series.

The FOUNDRY Series takes the power, dynamism and response of our acclaimed tube amp ranges and forges them into creative, affordable, high-quality solid-state amplifiers that are practical, feature-laden, portable and a lot of fun!

Following the huge success of our award-winning IRONHEART FOUNDRY amps, we now proudly present a range of LIONHEART FOUNDRY Guitar combos.


The starting point was mapping the complete all-tube topology of our award-winning LIONHEART range into this analogue amp. It's not just about mimicking specific tones like some of the modeller amp products out there but replicating the truly dynamic interactive feel and touch sensitivity that makes a great tube amp so expressive and addictive to play.

The critical sections like the tone stack, EQ circuits, and gain stage were faithfully converted using discrete analogue components precisely tuned to match the response characteristics.

The LFSUPER60-212 raises its head above the competition, delivering flexibility, power, and something unique.


The LFSUPER60-212 is a dual channel all analogue 60-Watt guitar combo, packed full of additional features.


Not only does it deliver the same pristine cleans, warm overdrive and wide tonal palette of the tube driven LIONHEARTS, it boasts built- in FX too.


The speaker guru’s at HH Acoustics painstakingly designed the LF60-212’s H1260 driver, in the UK.

Housing a pair of these beautifully voiced drivers in a vertically alignment means the LFSUPER60-212 has significant advantages when it comes to getting your sound heard where is matters – by you on stage and by your audience. The added benefit of less stage real estate being used compared to a traditional horizontal 2x12.

Meticulously developed and proudly crafted by our Black Country Customs team, it’s the perfect choice for anyone seeking an affordable amp for practice, recording and performance.


Our exclusive built-in tremolo eJect pays homage to mid 1960s tremolo circuits found in classic vintage tube amps. Whether you’re looking for that ‘far out’ surf sound, or a brooding, pulsating Portishead vibe. You’ll definitely fall in love with this classy and alternative eJect, we certainly have!


Based on our much-revered Black Country Customs Spiral Array Chorus stomp box – as used by Andy Timmons - the Spiral Chorus and Modulation offers up a vibe that does everything from subtle chorus right through to “down a drainpipe” flanging.


It wouldn’t be a LIONHEART without a beautiful reverb. So, we’ve included the Black Country Customs Secret Path Spring reverb algorithm. This stunning reverb has been winning hearts all over the World since we released the pedal in 2019 and is now a firm favourite among artists such as Lari Basilio, Tom Quayle, and many others.


The LFSUPER60-212 features a built-in, footswitchable BOOST. This provides almost a 3rd channel, allowing you to push a clean tone into slight overdrive, or an overdriven tone into a searing lead.


The LFSUPER60-212 combo features flexible switching capability. Allowing for the channels to be switched, the BOOST to be engaged and for control over the FX and Reverb on this SUPER 60 combo.


In addition to a passive 3 band tone stack, it wouldn’t be a LIONHEART without an overall tone control. This acts like the tone control on a guitar, allowing for quick and powerful changes to your overall EQ...But that’s not all.

We’ve enhanced the LIONHEART bright switch option by adding an additional ‘Dark’ setting on the Channel 2 giving you even greater control over your tone.


Dial the output section back from MAX output to less than 1W to keep all of the tone, making it great for practice at home.


Featuring a high-quality effects loop for connecting your favourite post pre-amp FX pedals/units, just like the Tube driven LIONHEARTs.


We’ve also included our new Impulse Response technology, LA•IR.

Laney Advance Impulse Response technology, uses 56bit FIR filters to accurately capture the essence of our legendary Laney GS112 and GS412 cabinets, in-house, to ensure they perfectly match the Foundry LIONHEARTs, and the LA•IR offers them up to you at the flick of a switch.

These bespoke Built-In IRs allow you to send the perfect cabinet output option direct to the PA without the need to mic, all via the XLR DI OUT.

This makes the LFSUPER60-212 an ideal recording amp too, of course.

At just 15.8kg/34.7lb, the LFSUPER60-212 is a compact and portable combo packing a whopping 60 Watts. More than capable for live performance.

Simple, straight ahead GREAT TONE, no need to read the manual, no messing around with an APP, no squinting at a screen. Just time spent doing what you love... playing guitar!

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