sE Electronics RF-X Reflexion Filter Vocal Booth

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sE Electronics RF-X

The sE Electronics RF-X Reflexion X Filter is a professional reflection filter. Designed to give you studio-grade vocal recordings in almost any environment. If you’re on a budget, the RF-X reflexion filter will answer all your needs as a discerning recording artist. While sporting a lightweight vented body as well as an efficient, and redesigned clamp assembly. Providing unbeatable performance and incredible ease-of-use.

The development of new materials sees the RF-X Reflexion Xeven lighter than its predecessors while maintaining its durability. As a result, you’ve got a versatile reflection filter suited for any challenging working environment. Featuring a four-layer acoustic filter design comprised of the outer vented composite panel, wool fabric layer, air gap layer, and inner acoustic foam layer.

This multi-layer design works to differentiate the RF-X Reflexion Filter from its competitors. Filtering frequencies evenly across the whole spectrum, while helping to ensure that recordings exhibit almost zero sound coloration when using the filter.

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