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MERISH plays and mixes musical files, in Midi or Mp3 format.
With the Midi Files, mixing can take place from and towards any point of the songs, and with different connection mode:
immediate, mixed with various cross fade curves.
Merish identifies the musical phrases of the Midi songs and connects them via the Wizard function, an intelligent algorithm that intervenes on sounds and rhythm as if it were a DJ - Arranger.
Playlists are created in real time:
just choose the next song, and Merish will mix the song you are playing with the next one.
The connection occurs seamlessly.


  • Midi - Mp3 Player with Video interface
  • Color display, 4.3 TFT LCD 95 x 33mm
  • Double Midi Generator with 32 Channels and 108 voices
  • Transpose and Time Stretching of MP3 files, voice canceling
  • Microphone channel with dynamic compressor, 4-band parametric equalizer, pitch shifter, reverb, delay, pitch adjust (tune your voice)
  • Marker reading*, ability to create up to 9,000 playlists with 250 songs each.
  • GO TO functions to connect two Midi files as desired
  • Wizard Cueing to automatically and musically connect Midi Files with Marker*
  • 625 sounds and percussions, 25 drum kits on 64 MB
  • Drummer clock and expander functions for Mac and PC
  • Midi archive by title, artist and genre
  • Real-time track editing
  • Memory on Compact Flash and USB Pen drive
  • Dimensions: L. 31cm - H. 8.5cm - D. 24cm / Weight: 2.5 Kg

    *The Markers are contained in all the Midi Files produced by M-Live.

    Merish PLUS , with:
  • 3-Voice Harmonizer
  • 15 Insert Effects
  • Wizard Sound Function (WSF)

    The INSERT EFFECTS are special effects that are inserted on some tracks of the Midi Base.
    For example a True Distortion on an electric guitar sound, or a Flanger or Phaser on an electric piano, a Wha Wha guitar, etc.
    Normally Midi Files have two simple effects of Reverb and Chorus, adjustable on each track.

    Merish Plus , with the WSF function , intelligently inserts up to two Insert Effects for each track, in addition to the standard ones, without requiring any intervention by the user.
    The Insert Effects are also adjustable and user selectable.
    The tonal power that is expressed with the WSF will make your sound inimitable.

    MERISH has a large color display, 4.3 TFT LCD 95 x 33mm which continuously displays the text of the Song that is playing, even if other functions are activated.
    Six Sliders allow you to change the volume of the tracks of the Midi File being played in real time.
    All audio levels are easily controlled, and from the panel you can adjust:
    general volume, volume of the MIDI base, volume of the Mp3 base, microphone volume and volume of the individual tracks of the Midi files.
    Furthermore, you can select the type and quantity of effect on the voice.

    The sound generation of MERISH is entrusted to two powerful latest generation DSPs , capable of playing two Midi files with 32 channels and 108 voices simultaneously .
    The sounds are loaded onto a 64 MB memory bank and have been specifically designed for the execution of Midi files marked M-Live : the best ever.
    For Merish we created 626 sounds & percussions, 25 drum kits following the most up-to-date musical trends.

    The Microphone and Audio section includes a real digital mixer , to adjust all the parameters of the voice and backing tracks.
    The Microphone channel has two separate effects, a dynamic compressor and a 4-band equalizer .
    MERISH is a complete machine, easy to use and offers all the functions that are necessary for live performances of Midi and Mp3 files.

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