Mojo Hand FX Sericon Highly Tweakable Klon Pedal
Mojo Hand FX

Mojo Hand FX Sericon Highly Tweakable Klon Pedal

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Beyond the ordinary Klone! The Sericon is a highly tweakable and interactive version of a "professional" gold overdrive.

Taking on a mystique all its own, the Sericon has three separate controls for gain manipulation. Drive affects the level of the first stage, which in turn will effect the harmonic complexity of the rest of the stages. Gain adjusts the gain of the second stage. Blaze is the final adjustable gain stage with its own unique twist. At it's core, it's a low-pass filter. At lower Gain/Drive settings, the filter behaves in a typical fashion you'd expect, bringing in low end warmth as you increase is. At higher Gain/Drive settings, Blaze can help tighten low end when turned counterclockwise, or add a lot more beef and thick saturation when turned clockwise. 

-Three stages of gain manipulation: Gain/Drive/Blaze
-Blaze is a low-pass filter that is highly interactive with the other controls
-Treble is a post-distortion control of the high frequencies
-True Bypass
-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)