Orange Crush 3-Watt Micro Guitar Amplifier (Orange)

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The Crush Mini feeds your Orange obsession anywhere in the world, at any time of day. This mighty 3-watter is powered by a standard 9-volt pedal power supply or 9-volt battery. So whether you're working late, warming up backstage, or jamming at home, the Orange Crush Mini is the ultimate portable solution. Simple Gain (drive), Shape (EQ), and Volume controls grow the familiar Yorkshire jangle to a raucous ruckus in seconds. And the iconic orange vinyl and woven grille are sure to warm the hearts of Orange lovers everywhere. An onboard tuner, 1/8" music input, and headphone output also make the Crush Mini a formidable practice tool as well.

Unearth classic Orange tones in seconds

With simple Gain, EQ, and Volume controls, the Crush Mini makes it fast and easy to get shades of those iconic Orange sounds. There's a wide range of gain on tap for gentle crunch and full-on mayhem.

The ultimate portable practice tool

The onboard tuner and 1/8" aux input will have you turning to your Crush Mini for practice wherever you go. Drop in a 9-volt battery, bring along your phone and guitar, and you can jam the night away, from the beach to the bedroom.

peaker out for stage use

An 8-ohm speaker output turns your Crush Mini into a battery-powered giggable amp head. Now you're free to let loose with all that Orange has to offer. This is one of many reasons why, for the value, it's hard to top the Orange Crush Mini amplifier.

Orange Crush Mini 3-watt Micro Guitar Combo Amp Features:

  • Orange inspiration to go
  • Iconic Orange visuals and tonal characteristics
  • Powered by a 9-volt battery or standard center-negative 9-volt pedal power supply
  • Simple control set unearths classic Orange tones in seconds
  • Onboard tuner makes for more rewarding sessions
  • 1/8" aux input lets you jam along with your phone
  • Headphone out facilitates silent practice
  • Speaker output turns your Crush Mini into a giggable head
  • Familiar orange vinyl and woven grille

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