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Packing untold expression by way of a 4-mode pitch engine and whammy-style Mash switch, the TC Electronic Brainwaves stereo pitch shifter/harmonizer pedal is your ticket to Hendrician octave effects, Scholzian harmony leads, and Morello-ish pitch bends — all in a single-pedal format. From detuned stereo doubling to multi-octave landscapes, the Brainwaves simplifies any number of single-guitar stage needs. A pressure-sensitive Mash expression switch unleashes pedal-steel pitch bends to devastating dive-bombs at a moment’s notice. And thanks to its TonePrint technology, the TC Electronic Brainwaves pitch pedal will always manage to find a place on any picky pedalist’s board.

Four pitch effects in one

The Brainwaves’ 4-mode pitch engine unlocks untold expression for world building and part sweetening:

  • Octaves — Classic fuzz octaves to OC-type tri-octave spreads can be achieved using the Brainwaves’ dual Voice controls.
  • Pitch shifting — Chords and melodies can be offset by up to two octaves for on-the-spot transposition to synth-register subsonic bass.
  • Harmonies — A fast-tracking harmonizer equips the Brainwaves pedal for auto power chords to CHON-flavored parallel harmonies.
  • Doubling/chorus effects — Using the Brainwaves as a doubler effect unlocks subtler shades for chorusing and double-tracking.

Dual voices with Mix control

Dialing in the right voice blend — power chords, choral triads, tri-octave leads, and even doubling effects — is possible using the Brainwaves’ dual independent Voice controls and Mix knob.

Programmable Mash switch

Unlock even greater expression with the Brainwaves’ onboard Mash switch. This pressure-sensitive expression switch can be tailored for pedal-steel full steps, octave-up whammy bends, and gnarly, deep 2-octave dives. The Mash switch’s function is programmable via the free TC TonePrint app.

TonePrint equipped

With TC’s free TonePrint app, you can beam artist presets wirelessly to the Brainwaves pedal and exact total control over any number of effect parameters via USB: Mash function, filtering, intervals, and more. Presets can then be saved and recalled via three dedicated TonePrint knob positions for instant gratification.

TC Electronic Brainwaves Pitch Shifter/Harmonizer Pedal Features:

  • Pitch/harmonizer pedal with whammy effect
  • Octaves, pitch shifting, harmonization, and doubling from a single pedal
  • Spans subtle detuned chorusing to multi-octave stereo landscapes
  • Dual independent voices with blend control
  • Mash switch (programmable) unlocks whammy, pedal steel, and dive-bomb effects
  • TonePrint equipped for preset management and deep parameter control
  • Selectable true/buffered bypass

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